Variable Air Volume Control & Monitoring System

The ENYE VAV Control and Monitoring System is specifically designed for pressure-independent control of airflow.

Designers work closely with the manufacturers of air volume controllers to ensure its adaptability w/ different brand of boxes and interfacing w/
different kinds of controls (BMS/BAS, PI, PID controls, etc) meaning it is tailored precisely to different needs.

This gives leverage to the manufacturers to accurately adapt their equipment for the specified values of air volume by the consultant.

The MFT (Multifunction) technology emphasizes flexibility thru programming of the controls parameters and users interface capabilities. Programs are secured by passwords.

  • The user can adjust the air conditions in his/her room according need.
  • Password protected programmable user and control parameters for added security
  • Configurable LCD displays

  • Multi-function programming that allows programming of different controls parameters to tailor-fit the system to the specific requirement.

  • Bacnet complying, UKLON & MP-BUS interface of VAV actuator via MP-Bus or UK-LON interface.
  • Open for additional wall mounted/averaging, duct mounted type thermistors that offer high accuracy that are enclosed in a specific housing
  • Temperature analog output for BMS
  • Damper position output for BMS
  • Adaptable to most of the VAV brands and BMS/System integrators
  • Option for external temperature input

  • None

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