Water Leak Detection and Alarm System

The Enye Water Leak Detection System is designed to detect and notify building engineers or
administrators on water leak alarm in a specific area.

    The Tape Style Water Detector uses a self-adhesive sensor tape with copper fiber electrodes and a durable netted cover for dependable detection of conductive liquids anywhere along the length of tape.

    • Multi-function programming that allows programming of different controls parameters to tailor-fit the system to the specific requirement.

    The water leak detectors can be selected either or floor mounted or using tape sensors. It can be either MODBus or BACNet protocol. For the open protocol, please contact our sales or engineering personel.

    • Independent 7-day time schedule on each individual output
    • Energy saving with stand by functionality and adaptation of set points.
    • Configurable displays in the LCD
    • Enclosure for added protection and easy installation complete w/ step down transformer, terminal blocks and auto/manual switch.

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