Networkable Stand Alone Controller

The ENYE Intelligent Stand-alone Direct Digital Controller is specifically designed for standalone
application on which can be networked into full Building Management system. Equipped with multifunction technology  that allows a controller or any active/passive HVAC equipment to be programmed to adapt to the actual requirement. This allows the end-user to tailor-fit the system to the actual site/project condition by continually re-programming thus offering more flexibility.

    • Several options for human interface are available depending on users requirement. ( Admin, Engineering, maintenance etc)
    • Configurable LCD displays
    • Yearly, weekly, daily schedules on major equipment for automatic operation.
    • Designers choice of system
    • Networkable, easy to program thru click and drag.

    • NONE

    • BACNET complying, UKLON & MP-BUS interface of VAV actuator via MP-Bus or UK-LON interface.
    • Open for additional wall mounted/averaging, duct mounted type thermistors that offer high accuracy that are enclosed in a specific housing for long-life and efficient operation. 
    •  Temperature analog output for BMS
    •  Damper position output for BMS
    •  Adaptable to most of the VAV brands and BMS/System integrators&a

    • Energy saving w/ stand-by functionality and adaptation of set points

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