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The ENYE Temperature and Humidity Control and Monitoring System are specifically designed to control temperature by controlling the volume of chilled water or cold air and at the same time controls the room humidity by controlling the duct heaters or the volume of hot water. The system maintains the temperature and control algorithms. For monitoring purposes, displays both for the temperature and humidity setpoints are provided. Supported by Multi-Function technology, It allows the parameters to be programmed, tailor-fitted to the designer's choice of system. Parameters such as control signals, cascade controls, proportional band(heating/cooling), application even user interface capabilities can be adjusted.

User Friendly

1) Easy Push Buttons for temperature adjustments plus clear displays of actual temperature set point and others.
2) Password-protected programmable user and control parameters for added security.

Designer’s Choice of System

Multi-function programming that allows programming of different control parameters to tailor-fit the system to the specific requirement.

Open and Flexible

BACnet complying, UKLON and MP-BUS interface of VAV actuator via MP-Bus or UK-LON interface. Optional Wall Mounted, Duct Mounted, or Immersion Type thermistors that offer high accuracy are enclosed in a specific housing for long-life and efficient operation.


1) Energy-saving with stand by functionality and adaptation of setpoints.
2) Independent 7-day time schedules on each individual output.
3) Configurable Displays in the LCD.
4) Temperature sensor analog output for building Automation/Management Systems (BMS/BAS). Valve Position feedback output for BMS or PI controller.
5) Enclosure for added protection and easy installation complete with step-down transformer, terminal blocks, and auto/manual switch.