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The Enye Intelligent Fan Coil Control and Monitoring System is designed to control and monitor fan coil system with up to three fan speeds. The fan speeds may be controlled to run manually or in automatic mode, wherein the fan speed will automatically change according to the temperature difference of room temperature and setpoint. For monitoring purposes, displays both for the temperature reading and setpoint are provided. Supported by Multi-Function Technology, it allows the user and control parameters to be programmed, tailor-fitted to the designer’s choice of system.

User Friendly

1) Easy push buttons for temperature adjustments plus clear displays of actual temperature, setpoint and others.
2) Password protected programmable user and control parameters for added security.
3) Backlight for LCD.
4) Temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
5) Actual time display option.

Designer’s Choice of System

Multi-function programming that allows programming of different control parameters to tailor-fit the system to the specific requirement.

Open and Flexible

1) Large temperature range from -40 to 140 C.
2) Temperature for 2 pipe fan coil system.
3) Coil control for heating and cooling.
4) Optional wall-mounted, duct mounted, or immersion-type thermistors that offer high accuracy that is enclosed in a specific housing for long-life and efficient operation.


1) Cost saving option with stand by functionality.
2) 7-day scheduling capability.


1) Memory retention after power failure.
2) The controller will enter frost protection mode if the temperature drops below 5C (41F).