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The ENYE Fire & Smoke Protection system is specifically designed to prevent fire & smoke passing thru the building’s air duct on which will endanger life and properties as well. During fire mode, the system move the fire & smoke dampers to a safety position as per designed - either close or open position.

Life Safety

1) Strong, compact, impact resistant housing of damper actuators.
2) Actuators which are the main equipment in the system have permanently sealed IP54 protection for housing , fire proof form-fit spindle, all gearings with function relevant to safety are made of steel, fire proof to DIN 4102 while the heat resistant springs guarantees at least 50,000 safety closures.
3) Satisfies CE conformity requirements.

Designer’s Choice of System

Easy programming that allows tailor-fitting of the different controls parameters to tailor-fit to the specific requirement.

Open and Flexible

1) The system accepts a digital input per floor or an analog signal coming from the Fire Detection & Alarm system.
2) Actuators can fit to large or small dampers.
3) Open for monitoring thru a local or remote central station.
4) Capable of interfacing w/ Smoke extraction system & Stairwell Pressurization system.
5) Log-in/ retrieving of data capabilities.