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The ENYE Stairwell Pressurization system is pecifically designed to control & monitor differential pressure between the stairway and inside the building. This is to ensure positive pressure in the stairway thus assuring safe passage of the building tenants during fire emergency. The intelligent stand-alone controller measures the differential pressure then controls (on/off or via VFD interface ) the stairwell pressurization fan in order to meet the required set point. Differential pressure readings and set point values can be seen in the LCD display of the controller for monitoring and recording purposes. Our technology emphasizes on flexibility allowing our system to adapt to the design and user requirement. Programs for the control’s parameters and user’s interface can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

User Friendly

1) The user can adjust the set point as per requirement.
2) Configurable displays.
3) Enclosure for added protection and easy installation complete w/ step down transformer, terminal blocks and auto/manual switch.

Designer’s Choice of System

Easy programming that allows tailor-fitting of the different controls parameters to tailor-fit to the specific requirement.

Open and Flexible

Open for additional I/O points.


1) Controller is expandable for additional controls and open for a full BMS option.
2) Remote control & monitoring option.
3) Log-in/data retrieving capabilities.