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Enyecontrols Automated Billing System is specially designed as end-user’s tool in 24/7 monitoring of meters for their billing purposes. It compiles all gathered data in real-time on all meters. It can convert data gathered in a graphical representation for more convenient way for data interpretation. Special software is used for automatically print out results on each meters. End-user has the capabilities to select data acquired in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. The system can be used for building services, monitoring and billing. It is also a complete solution for building owner, admins, facility managers and consulting engineers making not just a solution for reporting but for a true long term sustainable solutions.

User Friendly

1) Easy data acquisitions in tabulated or graphical form.
2) Multi-level password for data access.

Designer choice of system

1) Multifunction technology: The ENYE OMNI Controller is a BACNet Native Controller with a programmable port (each port can be programmed either on digital or analog input/output).
2) Facility Manager is incorporated with the controller for automatic email and SMS reporting.

Open & Flexible

1) BACNet native controller and devices. MODBus is optional.
2) Configurable port parameters (0-10 VDC, 4-20mA, digital (dry) contact, Temperature, pulses) it can be either input or output.